Government Cooperation

Orient Insurance Danismanlik Limited

YAHVE SİGORTA ARACILIK HİZMETLERİ INSURANCE LIMITED company, is a company registered with every necessary backing from the government over a insurance outfit.

Corporate Governance Code

The rules represent an addition mainly to the provisions in the Spanish Companies Act on a company's organization, but also to the relatively extensive self regulation that exists in the area of Corporate Governance. The code is based on the principle 'comply or explain'. Under this principle a company following the Code may depart for individual rules; however, in that event it must provide an explanation stating the reason for each departure reported.


insurance Consultation

Call our distress numbers in times of emergency, we will respond, a crime and an accident free environment is our target


24/7 Technical Support

Besides its business offices in turkey , orient insurance also has offices in the oil-rich Island of Sao Tome and Principe and Central London.


Valid in insurance market.

Orient stands tall in the turkish insurance market today. It is driven in its operations with experienced workforce spread nationwide in offices located in the states across the geopolitical zones in turkey rendering insurance and other financial services as well as providing employment to the teeming population.


A solid reputation.

Since its incorporation in 1969, the company has built a reputation as a strong underwriting house providing its numerous policyholders the security of its financial reserves and underwriting expertise and continues to deliver quality services that are consistent with its brand name to the delight of the insuring public.


We guarantee your tomorrow

It is important to note that most companies that were privatised had either gone under or remain comatose, but orient Insurance continues to wax stronger in the midst of business uncertainties in a fragile economy such as ours. We have produced about 30% of the number of Chief Executives of insurance companies in turkey Orient Insurance was one of the leading and founding members of the prestigious Istanbul Insurance College in Banjul, which has contributed immensely to Insurance knowledge transfer mechanism in the global landmass