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Home insurance and things you should know

To protect your home, you may be already doing a lot. Hiring security, installing surveillance systems, and looking into the upkeep of amenities are some of the ways you may be protecting your home. But there is one more step, often overlooked, that can add a strong layer of financial security to your home. It can help you deal with the aftermath of mishaps that may affect your home and deal with the financial burden that comes after. This step is home insurance. *


Home insurance

The insurance solution we create for you will consist of a right-sized combination of technology and human services, in which transparency and simplicity for the user are key. And as all our insurance service solutions are highly flexible – the solution can easily evolve along with your living situation. .

Why is it important?

    1. It allows you to get financial protection for the structure of your home, as well as the belongings it houses within.
    2. Depending on the type of policy you buy, you are offered protection against natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and more.
    3. You may also be protected against human-induced mishaps such as fire, robbery, and such.
    4. Your new home does not have to be owned by you to be protected by your home insurance. Even if you are a renter, you can purchase a tenant’s policy.

Get peace of mind knowing all that’s dear to you is protected by the professionals of YAHVE SİGORTA ARACILIK HİZMETLERİ INSURANCE LIMITED company.

We also offer much more on Life Insurance , including Reception Service, Mobile Patrol , On-site Guarding etc

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