Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Every driver needs car insurance, but as you get older, your coverage needs can change. Retirees may find themselves driving less, moving to a new state, or buying a vehicle that meets a more scaled-down lifestyle. There are a lot of insurance carriers on the market, so finding the best car insurance for seniors can take some work.


What you should know

We reviewed the top auto insurers to find out which ones provide senior drivers with comprehensive coverage, a variety of endorsements, and generous discounts for a cheaper premium. We also considered customer service, ratings from third-party firms, and options for managing your policy online or on your smartphone.

Why is it important?

    1. Purchasing shorter-term car insurance could make sense in certain situations, depending on your coverage needs.
    2. Car insurance companies typically require you to purchase regular policies in increments of six months to a year.
    3. Temporary car insurance may not take effect right away; there may be a waiting period.

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