Fire insurance

Fire outbreak and control

Fire insurance is a legal contract between an insurance company and the policyholder which guarantees that any loss or damages caused to the policyholder’s property in a fire will be paid by the insurance company. Fire insurance provides coverage against incidents of accidental fire, lightning, explosion, etc..


Fire Out break

How it works

Purchasing additional fire coverage helps to cover the cost of replacement, repair, or reconstruction of property above the limit set by the property insurance policy. Fire insurance policies typically contain general exclusions such as war, nuclear risks, and similar perils. Damage caused by a fire set deliberately is also typically not covered.

Why is it important?

    1. Fire insurance is property insurance that covers losses or damage to a structure damaged or destroyed in a fire.
    2. Fire insurance in a standard homeowners policy may be capped at a rate that is less than the cost of the losses accrued.
  • Fire insurance can pay the policyholder on either a replacement-cost basis or an actual cash value (ACV) basis for damages.

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