Fire Insurance

Be insured in cases of fire outbreak at home, offices, industries, farms etc

Health Insurance

"coverage that provides for the payments of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. It includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expense, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment"...

Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is a policy that offers property and liability coverage for aircraft. It covers losses resulting from aviation risks that come about due to the maintenance and use of aircraft, property damage, loss of cargo, or injury to people.)

Our Approach

To Enhance Your Defence and protection with Expert Support System(ESS)


Without stopping for a moment we give you best technology experience discussing from our expertise to stop threats being theft or damaged.

Trusted Partner

We have a network accross the world, with government support and independent bodies are more confident with us than any other.

Product insurance

We have insurance product that are very strong and durable , which stands the test of time and service.

System insurance

In a fast changing world, the best form of insurance any one could offer is one based on system insurance which comprises of local network which enables you stay in charge from even your mobile device

Operational insurance

We have both Human and Mechanical resources, our staff are specialist in their various department, anything below standard is not our standard

Our Challenges

You Can Protect Your Organization’s By Us

Identifying Threats

We identify the threats if we are incharge, we aswell make you be incharge and from a distance, you can raise alrm.

Risk Assessment

Allow our expertise to work for you, lets access the condition... We know the best way to help, you can always trust us for quality delivery

Years of Experience

Danismanlik Limited knows he best plan for you, we maintain contract with trust. and pride our many years of experience with no regrets.

Safe Secretes

Your secretes are safe with us, feel free and trust us with your terms of how you want it done, and give us conditions why it may vary.


YAHVE SİGORTA ARACILIK HİZMETLERİ INSURANCE LIMITED provides insurance solutions for airports, airport authorities..

Ceirical Infrastructure

Our clients in the energy vertical include nuclear power plants, electricity suppliers, and hydroelectric power stations,.

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Industry/ manufacturing

The industry and manufacturing verticals include all heavy industries, extraction, production and processing, in the steel, mining, pulp and paper industries as well as recycling of materials.

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Global insurance

Multinational companies have very specific needs when it comes to managing insurance for their global estate..

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We provide our clients with flexible and scalable insurance solutions comprising physical and technical insuranc.

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All-in Solution

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 technical support services with product and insurance consultation

Our Interest

We are interested in saving the followings Cash deposit Gold deposit Artifacts Valuable documents/next of kin


insurance Consultation

as it concerns you, your case might be unique, speak with our experts, just a click away.


24/7 Technical Support

We offer you all kind of supports needed, 24/7, we dont sleep so you can